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Fowler throws hat in mayoral ring

Posted on 11/13/2014, 10:23 AM

The mayor has decided to run for mayor.

Current Harrisburg Mayor Dale Fowler was sworn in Aug. 21. Former Mayor Ron Crank succumbed to a brain tumor Aug. 7. At the time of his swearing in Fowler did not know if he would run for the office in the April 2015 election. Last week he made his decision and this week he submitted his application to the City Clerk to campaign for mayor. He had more than enough signatures to qualify.

Fowler supports the idea of a full-time mayor position, but does not intend to be that mayor.

"With the momentum that this city is generating, it is my belief that soon we will need entertain the idea of a full time mayor," Fowler said. "Let me state now that I do not want to be that mayor. However, I would like my successor to be full time. As a city we are outgrowing part-time positions."

Fowler supports continuing the pursuit of home rule.

"Also, I have been in favor of home rule for a long time. I am in favor of it. We currently are subject to the laws of the state and the federal governments. That translates into red tape we could eliminate with home rule. Under home rule we could clean up the appearance of this city with zero red tape.

We could be 100 percent transparent if we instituted home rule correctly," he said.

Fowler started his career with the Illinois Department of Justice in 1989, moved to Department of Corrections in 1992 and retired from that department in August of 2012. In September of 2012 he began his work with People's National Bank and continues there.

"I have the 100 percent support of my employer in my public service efforts," he said.