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  • 9 Stone-Fruit Desserts We Adore

  • Take advantage of seasonal stone fruits with these delicious desserts.
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  • Summer may feel like it's drawing to a close, but there are still weeks left of ripe seasonal fruits such as peaches, cherries, and plums. Put all that fresh fruit to good use with one (or more) of our favorite stone-fruit desserts. Peach Shortcake [caption id="attachment_332050" align="alignnone" width="487"]Peach Shortcake Mark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa Blackburn[/caption] This recipe unites two summer favorites: peaches and shortcake. Whole-wheat flour gives the shortcake a nutty taste, which nicely complements the sweetness of the peaches. Cherry Buttermilk Clafoutis [caption id="attachment_332043" align="alignnone" width="487"]Cherry Buttermilk Clafoutis Kimberley Hasselbrink[/caption] Don't let the fancy-sounding name fool you — this French dessert is simple and straightforward to make. The cherries are suspended in pancake-like batter and dusted with confectioner's sugar to make a treat that's both sweet and tart. Peach Pudding Cake Peach Pudding Cake You'll need the juiciest peaches possible for this recipe, since you use them to make the syrup that's folded into the batter. Once you're done simmering the peaches, slice and layer them on the bottom to transform the texture of this cake. Plum Pie [caption id="attachment_332051" align="alignnone" width="487"]Plum Pie Jonathan Lovekin[/caption] With plums this juicy and ripe, you won't want to overwhelm them with too much crust—which is exactly why this pie calls for the top crust only. Peach and Basil Ice Cream [caption id="attachment_332048" align="alignnone" width="487"]Peach Ice Cream Amber Wilson[/caption] You might not think to put peaches and basil together—in ice cream, no less—but the sweet peaches and savory basil balance each other out perfectly in this sophisticated, refreshing treat. Fresh Cherry Tart [caption id="attachment_332045" align="alignnone" width="487"]Fresh Cherry Tart Mark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa Blackburn[/caption] Since it's over-stuffed, this bountiful tart is a good way to take advantage of excess ripe cherries. To keep the pastry dough from shrinking as it bakes, refrigerate before rolling it out. Peach Crostata [caption id="attachment_332047" align="alignnone" width="487"]Peach Crostata Mark Boughton Photography[/caption] The forgiving crust on this Italian tart can be shaped and folded any way you want. Cherry Plum Cobbler [caption id="attachment_332044" align="alignnone" width="487"]Cherry Plum Cobbler Mark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa Blackburn[/caption] If you've got a lot of seasonal fruit on hand, this two-fruit cobbler is a great way to use it up. As an added bonus, the cobbler is topped with biscuits for a fun take on the traditional crust. Magic Peach Cobbler [caption id="attachment_332046" align="alignnone" width="487"]Peach Cobbler Mark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa Blackburn[/caption] While the batter goes on the bottom, as the cobbler bakes it rises up through the peaches to form a fluffy, cakey topping with no extra effort required. For more summer desserts... This article originally appeared as on Relish
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