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  • Fine day for a fair picnic

  • The sun was shining and the weather was nice for Thursday's annual 4-H Family Picnic at the Saline County Fairgrounds.
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  • The sun was shining and the weather was nice for Thursday's annual 4-H Family Picnic at the Saline County Fairgrounds.
    From infants to elders, people of all ages gathered at the fairgrounds to share laughter, conversation and some good food. The buffet spanned over two car-lengths, and offered everything from pickles to pizza to homemade apple pie. There was a familiar face for everyone to find. People from many local towns and those from as far as Belleville came together to get a little relaxation in the midst of a fast-paced week. Danny Evans, the local 4-H celebrity, said that his wife, Nancy, and his sister, Marilyn, coordinated the whole picnic. Although it took some time for the two ladies to get everything organized and situated, they presented an wonderful meal for a crowd of locals.
    “We get to come together, and have a meal. We are spending time together, and not a lot of people do this anymore,” Nancy Evans said. “We know 4-H is a wonderful thing, and this is something we look forward to every year.”
    Lawn chairs and smiles scattered the lawn near the animal barns as kids and teenagers sat in groups on the grass, exchanging memories. The atmosphere was welcoming and laid back, a pleasant change from the rush of shows and contests.
    Whether this was their first year or their fiftieth, the picnickers enjoyed a hearty meal with plenty of options. Most who attended contributed to the feast, bringing a excess of items. After they waded through the line, which snaked back into the parking, the 4-Hers chowed down on homemade pickles, fried chicken, casseroles and a variety of other items before finishing up with some dessert. The attendees watched and ate as many 4-H members readied themselves for the Beef show following the picnic. From the lawn, picnickers could see the contestants unloading their animals and gearing up for the show ahead.
    Along with being thankful for the meal, many who attended were thankful for the weather. Sitting around, older men told stories of past years when the weather was unbearably hot, making the day hard to enjoy. This year, many praised the breeze of wind and the cooler temperatures, adding to the overall satisfaction.
    As the picnic drew to an end, and loafers became scarce, there was little food left. Many people headed to the barns to compete in the beef show, while others tagged along to watch. Whether they were jumping back into the shows, or had some more time to relax, everyone was thankful for the time they got to sit back and spend time with their friends and families.
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