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  • How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Fashion World

  • Now, you can print your own couture gown—at home.
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  • The 3D printing revolution is here! In this week's episode of Hardwired 2.0, watch me tour MakerBot Studios and uncover the latest innovations in 3D printing technology. I couldn't believe all of the products printed using MakerBot's printers—from figurines to robotic hands to shoes. Amazing, right?! I first met with MakerBot's CEO Bre Pettis to learn all about the process. 3D printing uses fused deposition modeling, which is basically a fancy robotically controlled hot glue gun. The printers feed a PLA filament through the hot tip on the printer to draw the object one layer at a time, which makes these products typically more affordable than traditional manufacturing. I also got to learn about the Robohand project, which makes prosthetic hands for only $5! Next, I met with Francis Bitonti to see how designers are using 3D printing to revolutionize the fashion world. Think custom designer gowns for only $400! He recently made a couture 3D printed dress for fashion icon Dita von Teese. So excited to see what's next in the world of 3D printing. What would you print with a 3D printer? Join the conversation by tweeting me @aoloriginals@ijustine,#AOLHardwired, @gethardwired Article originally appeared on The Huffington Post.  This article originally appeared as on Spry Living
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