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  • New adventure: Help us with our Local Updates page

  • The Daily Register is embarking on a new adventure. We want to show our readers what you are up to.
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  • The Daily Register is embarking on a new adventure. We want to show our readers what you are up to.
    We want to give you an opportunity to share where your family enjoyed the weekend, the cute expression your pet made, your history and the delicious plate of food you enjoyed.
    These are some of the things we all share on our social networking Web sites. We want to give you the opportunity to share them in print, too.
    Our “Local Updates” pages begin Monday. Every day we will publish photos that you send. Each day will have its own theme.
    Outdoor Monday showcases the fun times your family spent in the great outdoors over the weekend. We anticipate scenes in the Shawnee National Forest, tee-ball, golf, baseball, soccer, gardening, sliding down a waterside, on a rollercoaster, fishing and fireworks.
    Tuesday Selfies showcase you and what you’re doing. Show off a grin in a crowd at a ball game, at a festival, a concert or restaurant. We want to see faces.
    Pet Day Wednesday is self-explanatory. We all take photos of our pets doing something that makes us laugh. The newspaper wants to print them, too.
    Throwback Thursday is your chance to show where you’ve come from. Send us your childhood photos, wedding day photos, photos of family from back when, of ancestors, of old businesses that have been remodeled or that are no more.
    Foodies Friday should jump start the appetite. Send us pictures of your food, whether a beautiful pie or casserole fresh from the oven, your family grilling out or that magnificent plate just set before you at the restaurant table.
    We will run these photos each day with photo credit given when provided along with any descriptive information. We post these photos to social media, why not take a few seconds and send them to the newspaper?
    Photos should be send to bdeneal@dailyregister.com.
    We look forward to sharing your experiences.
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