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  • Bankston Fork resident celebrates 106th birthday Thursday

  • Reva English of Bankston Fork will flat out tell how she feels.
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  • Reva English of Bankston Fork will flat out tell how she feels.
    “Not very good,” she said Tuesday.
    “You will understand when you get to my age.”
    Reva turns 106 on Thursday and she had a little advice for youngsters under 100.
    “Work hard, tend to your own business and go to church,” she said.
    Reva practices what she preaches. A farm wife, she grew up helping her father farm with mules, not tractors. Later she helped her husband, Richard English, who had a tractor. Winona said that Reba tended the garden, canned and cooked for five hired hands. Richard passed in 1949 from illness and Reva and her daughter Winona moved to Harrisburg since they could not operate the farm alone.
    Winona was six at the time.
    Winona married Steve Turner in 1948. They moved back to Bankston Fork, bought their current home and stayed in close touch with Reva who remained in Harrisburg.
    In the spring of 2011, at the age of 103 Reva gave up living alone and moved in with Winona and her husband Steve Turner.
    They currently are planning to receive guests on Reva’s birthday but no large party is planned.
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