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Danny Ragan advances to General Election

Posted on 3/19/2014, 11:29 AM

Saline County Treasurer Danny Ragan bested his rival Sarah Wallace with 64 percent of the vote in Tuesday"s Primary.

Ragan received 1,436 votes to Wallace"s 812 votes.

Of the campaign Ragan said, "I"m glad its over."

Wallace"s father, Rod Wallace who was successful in his bid for Republican Saline County Board nominee, over the course of a few Saline County Board meetings put Ragan on the defensive regarding his Elected County Officials pension plan. The plan was ended by the county in 2004 because of unsunstainability, but current members at that time were grandfathered in.

The ongoing issue prompted an informational presentation to the board by the executive director of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund Louis Kosiba.

Ragan will advance to the General Election and so far has no opponent, but Democrats could caucus a candidate for treasurer.

Ragan said he will be glad to return to the business at hand.

"We"re trying to get the taxes out earlier than last time," Ragan said.

One goal is installing a new DevNet tax computer system that allows businesses and individuals to look up tax information online for a fee.

"For each homeowner we"re looking at two free ones and over that we charge," Ragan said.

People can look up past tax amounts, see what their neighbors pay and look at the dimensions of their homes to verify if they are being charged the proper property tax.