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Brown renominated for Saline County Sheriff

Posted on 3/19/2014, 11:18 AM

Saline County Sheriff Keith Brown easily bested his Democrat opponent Danny Gibbs in Tuesday"s Primary Election.

Brown received 1,244 or 67 percent of the vote while Gibbs received 604 or 33 percent.

"We"re very, very pleased to win. It shows the public has belief in what we"re doing and going to continue to do, especially the work with the Southern Illinois Drug Task Force," Brown said.

"We want to continue our work through the agency in areas we"ve been successful in and serve the community. The staff is devoted to the public here in the county and we have a very, very, very good staff.

"I am happy to continue that and into the General Election. Hopefully the public will give us the opportunity to serve four more years."

Brown said he thanks his family and his church family during the primary campaign.

In the November General Election Brown faces Republican Mike Gribble who was uncontested in the Primary Election.

Gribble received 1,642 votes.

"I"m tickled. It was a nice turnout," Gribble said.

Gribble, a state retiree, said soon the campaign will become his full time job.

"I"ve got a whole lot of work to do," Gribble said.

Gribble said if elected he does not intend to seek a pension from the sheriff"s department or seek health insurance.

"I"ve asked "How can we save the county money?" These are the things I"ve come up with I know I can do," Gribble said.