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  • Harrisburg native competes in ‘Price is Right,' acts on 'Breaking Bad' actor Aaron Paul's advice

  • A Harrisburg native had a very eventful vacation in Los Angeles this summer, competing on "The Price is Right" and meeting actor Aaron Paul, twice.
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  • A Harrisburg native had a very eventful vacation in Los Angeles this summer.
    Jarod “Brice” Evans of Ziegler, and his girlfriend, Athena Garland traveled to California to vacation and visit Garland’s father in June of this year.
    While there, Evans had two interesting experiences, meeting Aaron Paul, the actor who played Jesse Pinkman on the acclaimed AMC series “Breaking Bad” and appearing on the television game show “The Price is Right.”
    After viewing a movie at the Arclight Theater, Evans and Garland were walking in downtown L.A. on the way to a record store when Evans realized that they were walking beside Aaron Paul and his wife. Evans greeted Paul and asked for a quick picture, the actor consented and after the picture the couples spoke briefly and went their separate ways. Several days later, Evans and Garland were visiting the Los Angeles County Art Museum to view an exhibit on film director Stanley Kubrick when Evans saw Paul in the lobby giving an interview. Paul saw recognized Evans and called a greeting out to him across the lobby.
    “I was blown away!” Evans said. “Not just that I ran into him again in one of the largest cities in the country, but that he remembered me.”
    Evans and Paul spoke for about 15 minutes and then toured the exhibit together. Upon learning that Evans was planning to attempt to get on the game show, “The Price is right” Paul gave some very helpful advice on how to stand out in the audience and how to attract the producers’ attention when interviewed.
    “He gave me some very good talking points and tips,” Evans said. “He said that I should be dramatic and enthusiastic, to take charge of the interview.”
    This was the second time on his vacation that Evans got advice to help him get on the show. Athena Garland’s father, who works as a film editor and has worked on the staff of “Wheel of Fortune” is a fan of “The Price is Right.”
    “His cats recognize the music and know that it's time to be fed,” Evans said. “He tapes the show and plays it for them on the weekends so they know it's time to eat.”
    Garland’s father was able to give Evans a great deal of helpful advice on getting selected for the show.
    Arriving at the studio lot the day of the show, Evans discovered he was in for a very long process of selection before the show.
    “Only the first 300 people in line get selected and the whole thing is a long, long process,” Evans stated.
    Page 2 of 2 - After about an hour and a half in the studio lot, Evans was in the pre-selection group and had a preliminary interview and two pictures taken. The prospective contestants were then broken down into groups of 20 and went through another hour or two of the selection and interviews.
    “Athena's dad and Aaron Paul had both told me to try and stand out, be distinctive during the interview process,” Evans said. “A lot of people sat down while they waited, but I decided that I would stand during the entire selection process.”
    Evans was finally selected as a member of the studio audience and entered the show studio. The show films two episodes a day and Evans was selected to be in the second episode of that day’s filming.
    Upon entering the studio, Evans found that he had gotten what he thought was bad seat, with a poor view of the proceedings.
    “Drew Carey even came over to talk to me about the seating during a commercial,” Evans said adding, “That was just before they called my name to play!”
    Evans said that he had experienced an odd feeling that he would get to play on the show.
    “Even before we left on the trip, I thought I would be chosen. After we got to California, Athena and her Dad also had a weird feeling that I would be on the show,” he said.
    Evans won during the first part of the contest, correctly pricing a home entertainment center and Blu-Ray player. He then moved on to the stage for the second round of the game where he won a 55 inch LED television and a home gym.
    Drew Carey had learned of Evans meeting Aaron Paul and had him recount the experience to the audience during a commercial break.
    Evans then reached the point where contestants for the “ShowCase” round were chosen through the spin of the wheel game. Tying at $.65 with his opponent in the first round, Evans lost on the spin-off and did not get to compete for the showcase prize.
    “I enjoyed the whole thing very much,” Evans said. “It was a lot of fun, Drew Carey was really nice, getting to go on the show and meeting Aaron Paul twice, the whole experience was great!”
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