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Meeting Julio and Going Tubeless
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By Matt Gholson
Sept. 13, 2013 12:01 a.m.

image_8321Last weekend Adam Joe and I took a ride from Gossage on some trails that couldn’t really get any better, you could easily go fast enough to hurt yourself out there.  It was Adam’s first time in this particular trail area and he got to meet Julio.  At a particular creek crossing where several trails and a fire road cross someone dropped off a little Hispanic Lawn Jockey concrete sculpture, then they dropped off a bike for him.
Julio is currently wearing the latest in terrorist fashions and packing a variety of beverages.
A few weeks ago I set my front wheel up as tubeless; at this point lots of mountain bikers have gone tubeless, some have gone tubeless and then went back to tubes.  The front tubeless was working out pretty good for me; no flats and holding air good, so I decided to switch the rear to tubeless.  Results were mixed.
Even though it didn’t appear to be losing air while just sitting around it didn’t do so well on the ride.  Had to add air a few times.  Cool thing was that I got to experience a huge variety of different air pressures and since it was leaking so slowly I really got a feel for the different pressures.  It was astounding how much better the bike rode with the tubeless and low pressure.  Probably around 27 in the front and 35 in the back to start with.  As the rear kept getting lower the bike kept getting better.  Rough creek crossings, switchbacks, up and down hill, whatever, just point the bike in the direction you want to go and pedal.  Eventually it would get low enough where I could feel big hits beating the rim, stopped and added air.  Still broke a spoke but these are old wheels that Luke gave me because they were breaking spokes so I guess I expected that.
Highs are in the 70s this weekend, time to get back in the woods!

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