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  • 18th annual day to celebrate insects is Saturday

  • Bugs may bug you, but they are essential to our survival. They have a very big job — insects pollinate plants.
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  • Bugs may bug you, but they are essential to our survival.
    They have a very big job — insects pollinate plants.
    Plants feed us in countless ways. No bugs, no people. People would starve, as would animals.
    Without insects, where would Hollywood get the models for space aliens?
    "This will be our 18th annual event," said Terri Treacy, program and education chair for the Shawnee Chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society, Carbondale.
    "There are some really cool insects!" she said. "Butterflies, everybody loves them. And dragonflies. Even mosquitoes and cockroaches have their purpose. Lots of critters feed on mosquitoes. Cockroaches, in their natural habitat, are garbage collectors even though they are not welcome in your kitchen cabinets."
    Beginning at 3 p.m. Aug. 24 the Illinois Audubon Society's Shawnee Chapter will host the 18th Annual Insect Awareness and Appreciation Day at War Bluff Valley Sanctuary in Pope County near Golconda where insect specialists and enthusiasts will gather to share their vast knowledge and passion about insects.
    Insect adventures will take visitors through fields, forests, ponds and gardens. Workshops and field trips will offer inquisitive minds insights and information about the tiny and enchanting six-legged creatures that we all depend on for important functions from pollination to soil building. Insect crafts, face painting and all sorts of insect merchandise for sale round out the activities. It is guaranteed fun for all ages.
    Registration and orientation begin at 3 p.m. with field trips and workshops beginning promptly at 3:30 p.m. A potluck dinner will follow the field trips, with Shawnee Audubon providing a main dish, basic beverages and table service. The ever-popular fundraiser, the Really Cool Raffle of nature-related items will follow dinner.
    Evening entertainment will be provided by the popular folk duo RognboB playing rowdy folk music with a Southern Illinois twist. Along with the music, eyes will be kept open for Creatures of the Night as they fly in.
    Insects are important!
    Almost 50 percent of the foods in the world rely on insects for pollination. The same goes for flowers — no insects — no flowers! Insects are the planet's ultimate garbage disposers and soil builders. And, don't forget about all the creatures that eat insects, like birds, and in many cultures, people. Without insects our food chain would not exist. In fact, when it comes down to it, insects could live quite well without us, but we can't survive without them.
    All activities will take place at War Bluff Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Pope County just north of Golconda. For more information, please contact War Bluff Valley Sanctuary at 618-683-2222 or check the website at http://shawneeaudubon.org
    Directions to War Bluff Valley Wildlife Sanctuary: Follow state Route 146 North from the 4-way stop in Golconda. Go approximately 3 miles. Turn left at Bushwack Road. Follow Bushwack Road 2.2 miles to Sanctuary entrance.
    Page 2 of 2 - Established in 1897, Illinois Audubon Society is Illinois' oldest conservation organization promoting the perpetuation and appreciation of native plant and animals in Illinois and the habitats that support them. For more information about Illinois Audubon Society visit their web site at http://illinoisaudubon.org/. For information about the local chapter, Shawnee Chapter, visit http://shawneeaudubon.org/
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