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This didn’t take long: ESPN commentator trashes gay NBA player, says he’s not a real Christian
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By Pat Cunningham
April 29, 2013 5:20 p.m.

Methinks that Chris Broussard (above) has only demonized himself with stuff like THIS:

An ESPN sportscaster went on the air on Monday to publicly gay-bash Jason Collins, the NBA player who came out Monday morning in an emotional op-ed, the first active male player of a major American sport to come out.

Speaking on ESPNís Outside The Lines, Chris Broussard said that he would ďnot characterize [Collins] as a Christian.Ē He made the comments in front of his openly gay colleague, LZ Granderson…
Granderson reacted strongly to Broussardís comments, saying, ďI really donít need Chris or anyone else ...
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