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  • County board divided on TIF money

  • The Saline County Board met a 7 p.m. Thursday March 29 in the Saline County Courthouse.
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  • The Saline County Board met a 7 p.m. Thursday March 29 in the Saline County Courthouse.
    After the call to order, prayer and pledge allegiance the board had a discussion of recent developments concerning the distribution of the remaining Harrisburg TIF money. Commisioner Gary Siebert, who is also the superintendent of the Eldorado School District, spoke in favor of giving the schools the $1M that they would be entitled to rather than spend it on the city's infrastructure as Mayor Eric Gregg and the City Council seem inclined to do. Commissioner Molly Wilson Dearing, also a Harrisburg school board member, said that cuts in funds from the state make it almost mandatory that the funds go to the schools.
    A different point of view was presented by Commissioner Danny Gibbs who argued in favor of spending the money on infrastructure.
    "My point was that the sales tax was passed and the schools received $1 million. They do not need a million from the TIF fund. The sales tax will fund a new school and that is the resource they should use to build it. The schools of Harrisburg received $21 million last year from all sources and they spent only $19 million last year. What is that $2 million left over being used for? That money should be used for what they are planning to use the TIF money for," Gibbs said.
    "They lost 44 per cent of transportation funding for 2013 but the overage in collections should cover that. People won't move here for the schools. They will move here for the jobs. If we don't get the infrastructure, like roads to open up land for industrial development, there will be no growth and thus, no jobs. Currently some 80 percent of jobs in Saline County are government or public service related jobs.
    That has to change."
    The discussion ended with no action.
    In other action the Board:
    • Approved resolution No. R13-02 on Saline County's Multi-Hazard mitigation plan
    • Agreed to study further the issues surrounding fracking in Saline County
    • Approved a new 911 contract
    • Approved a resolution awarding a contract to construct Harco Road subsidence repairs, section 12-00150 to ET Simonds Construction Co. at a bid price of $1,495,068.
    The board approved appointments of the following:
    • Coleman Tri-County: Robert Nelson, one-year reappointment to expire April 30, 2014.
    • Prospect Water District: Emily Anderson, five-year reappointment to expire first Monday in May, 2018.
    • Corinth Water District: John Cotter to replace Eddie Anderson, term to expire first Monday in May 2013. Reappoint Cotter to a full term beginning first Monday in May 2013, and ending first Monday in May 2018.
    • Liberty-Ledford Water District, Todd Church, five-year reappointment to expire first Monday in May 2018.
    • Board of Review, Ruby Harding and Joyce Shelton to two-year reappointments to expire in May of 2015.
    • Dodd Cemetery Association, Kent Baird, Susie Rigsby-Hall and Jackie Maloney to a six-year reappointment to expire April 2019. Keith Baird, Susan Lori Prather and Margie A. Turner to a three-year reappointment to expire April of 2016.
    • Mitchelville Watier District: Eric McClusky and Roman Kuppart to five year reappointments to expire first Monday in May 2018,
    • Shawnee RC&D Council, Charles "Bob" Ogelsby to a one-year reappointment to expire May 2014.
    • Egyptian Public and Mental Health, Martin Rowe to replace Judy Humphrey who resigned — term to expire June 30, 2014.
    • Raleigh Water District, Gary Ellis to five-year reappointment to expire first Monday in May 2018.
    Page 2 of 2 - The meeting went into a brief executive session and then adjourned.
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