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Minor outrage at the RMV
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By Rick Holmes
March 26, 2013 5:20 p.m.

Some time ago, the liberals running Massachusetts, in† a moment of conservative cost-cutting, decided that the state could no longer afford to remind people that their drivers† licenses had expired and it was time to send the RMV $50 to get your license renewed.
So it was up to the cop who pulled me over the other day to inform me I was driving on a license that had expired two weeks ago.
But I was lucky: He didn’t give me a ticket.† Nor did I have to wait for a check to be refused, or for the ability to rent a car denied to me, or to be singled out for intimate inspection at the airport, in order to learn that my license has expired.
Really, though, what kind of business doesn’t even notify you when your bill is due?† Government shouldn’t always be “run like a business,” because government isn’t a business.† But government should be at least as committed to customer service as a business, because its customers are, in theory at least, its bosses.
I was able to pay online, and my irritation subsided when I saw an option to click here and the registry will remind you be email when your license is due for renewal. My outrage returned when I clicked there and was told that service was no longer available.
Thanks for the customer service, RMV.

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