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End the Streak
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March 19, 2013 5:31 p.m.

20 & 0
Photo courtesy: WWE
By Chad Smart
@chadsmart & @my12cents on Twitter
Iíll admit Iím not a fan of
The Undertaker coming back for matches at Wrestlemania. Ever since ďthe streakĒ
became a focal point of Wrestlemania, only the match against Randy Orton had me
thinking Undertaker was going to lose. Now Taker takes most of the year off,
comes back for the match at Wrestlemania, performs his signature moves, rolls
his eyes back in his head while sticking out his tongue while the video screen updates with the new number in the win column. YAWN. <>
When the rumors starting
floating around saying CM Punk would be Undertakerís opponent at Wrestlemania
29, I questioned what WWE hoped to accomplish with the match. Had CM Punk not
lost the WWE Title to The Rock, I could understand a Streak vs. Longest Title
Reign in 25 years build up, even though weíd already seen Taker win the World
Title at Wrestlemanias 23 and 24.
Still, there would be something on the line in the match. After Punk
lost two pay per view matches to The Rock and a match to John Cena on Raw, I
felt putting him into another no-win match wasnít the most sensible decision to
make. Not to mention the manner in which WWE initially set up the match. It all
seemed like ďwe donít really have anything else for these guys to do so lets
put them into a match against each other.Ē Then something happened. <>
Punk mocks Taker
Photo courtesy: WWE
The death of Paul Bearer,
while saddening and unfortunate, may have been the best thing to happen for the
Punk/Taker match. The death gave
Punk ammunition to use during promos and helped humanize Undertaker. While I
still feel Undertaker should have retired after Wrestlemania 28 since 20-0 was
a good round number to end the streak, I am now of the opinion the streak
should end this year. <>
While Paul Bearer hasnít
been in Undertakerís corner at Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania XX, the fact he
canít be in the corner this year could be used to make Undertaker appear weaker
than normal. Since itís a pretty safe bet John Cena will avenge his loss to The
Rock from last year and, even with the retirement stipulation, Triple H will
most likely avenge his loss, having Taker fail to make CM Punk pay for his
disrespecting Paul Bearer, would make Wrestlemania a tad bit more
interesting. <>
CM Punk doesnít need to be
the person to end the streak, yet it would give him something to brag about
whenever he needs to get the crowd riled up. As much as I donít think the
streak should be broken, if there were any time to break it, that time would be
now. I donít know how many more matches Undertaker has left in him. I do know
Iím tired of the streak and the sporadic appearances of the Undertaker. If CM
Punk were to beat the Undertaker, I would imagine the crowd would go crazy and
WWE would get one of the most vocal reactions from an audience that for all
likely purposes could be in a frozen silence if the weather doesnít get better
in the next two weeks. Plus, Twitter and Tout would be burning up with
reactions from fans at home. <>
The Undertakerís matches at
Wrestlemania have become stale. Itís time to shake it up and the best way to do
that is to end the streak. Iím either crazy or a jaded fan but thatís how I see
it. I know Iíll be sitting in the stands chanting, END..THE..STREAK (clap clap
clap). Who is with me?<>

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