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BOSS DEAL: Get ‘Springsteen’s Greatest Albums’ for 99 cents
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By Pete Chianca
Feb. 5, 2013 5:05 p.m.

Call it the Grammy Week Special: As Bruce Springsteen prepares to accept the honor of MusiCares Person of the Year, our eBook Glory Days: Springsteen’s Greatest Albums is on sale for 99 cents, this week only! (Or 99 pence, if you’re of the British variety.)
If you’ve been following our excerpts over the last several months, you know that Glory Days analyzes eight of Springsteen’s most groundbreaking albums and then argues which one should be considered “the greatest.” The idea is that you’re supposed to read it, and then either agree or yell at me. If you need a refresher, here are links to the excerpts:
BORN TO RUN: “Itís telling of Springsteenís outlook at the time that the worst possible fate the narrator can imagine is to find out youíre ‘just like all the rest.’”
DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN: “It argues that such redemption is possible if you want it enough to take it Ė and that it can be worth the price if you do.”
THE RIVER: “It allowed him the canvass to juxtapose rambling rock íní roll shout-outs with quieter studies of the human condition Ö and somehow make them work together toward an even greater whole.”
NEBRASKA: “Thereís no cutting the pain from their hearts Ė for Nebraskaís denizens, the prognosis is terminal.”
BORN IN THE USA: “Itís interesting how many of those songs use language usually reserved for the heat of battle.”
TUNNEL OF LOVE: “Much more of Tunnel of Love is dedicated to the ways that love is complicated, trust is fleeting and truly knowing someone is heart-wrenchingly difficult Ė sometimes impossible.”
THE RISING: “Amazingly, Springsteen managed to capture the overwhelming, sweeping heartbreak of Sept. 11 in those left-behind jackets and shoes.”
WRECKING BALL: “Even more than the lyrics, itís the knowing world-weariness behind them that makes the songs so haunting, and so uplifting when anger and desperation finally give way, however begrudgingly, to hope.”
You can download Glory Days: Springsteenís Greatest Albums at Amazon or Amazon UK. And if you donít have a Kindle, donít worry: You can download free Kindle software here.

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