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  • Eldorado may receive inmate help with recycling

  • The city of Eldorado may be receiving help with its recycling program through an agreement with the Shawnee Correctional Center.
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  • The city of Eldorado may be receiving help with its recycling program through an agreement with the Shawnee Correctional Center.
    Major Jeff Dennison of the prison had previously approached Harrisburg regarding the Shawnee Recycling Program, but said working with Eldorado will be easier since the city already has a recycling program in place. Inmate labor would be used transport the city’s recyclable material to a barn on the prison property, separate it and make enough money for the program to pay for itself. This would save money for the city currently spent on transporting the recyclables.
    Dennison said the program currently serves the Vienna Correctional Center and city of Vienna.
    “This is something we do for the community that’s not costing you guys anything,” Dennison said.
    He said he would like to expand the program to offer a monthly electronics recycling opportunity.
    Of interest to the prison is cardboard, tin cans and plastic. Dennison said recycling paper is not efficient, glass is not safe for inmate labor and the program does not deal with aluminum cans because he believes people will be getting into the storage area to help themselves to the aluminum.
    Dennison said if the program gets going he hopes to talk to businesses in town that manage a lot of cardboard boxes and to get old grease from restaurants to use to power lawnmowers at the prison. He envisions big blue barrels at the Sports Complex and at parks throughout the city and to work with service groups to get the items placed there collected.
    “Our projected savings is $70,000 in one fiscal year,” Dennison said.
    He said the earliest the program could begin is early spring, a couple months away.
    In the next few weeks he intends to talk to officials at Illinois Youth Center to include them in the program.
    During the meeting:
    Council approved a roadblock for the American Red Cross Aug. 3.
    Police Chief Shannon Deuel requested and council approved two bar lights for two squad cars at a cost of $1,050 that comes with a 5-year warranty on bulbs and 2-year warranty on components.
    Code Enforcement Officer Billy Bradley said he would like to meet with Finance Commissioner Jim Morris to work out a budget for condemnation of houses for the year.
    Street Superintendent J.B. James said a crew was to be a sewer plant today to work on a problem regarding information from a lift station not being transmitted to the sewer plant.
    James also said as snow has melted and the graveled alleys are again revealed it is apparent gravel is needed on many of them.
    “Everybody needs rock,” James said.
    Page 2 of 2 - He asked residents for patience and that crews will get to the areas when they can.
    The commissioners and Mayor Rocky James commended the city workers for their diligence in clearing snow from streets and around the high school in order to allow traffic in for the Eldorado Holiday Tournament.
    James said he appreciates a recent donation from the AFSCME union representative Randy Milligan of $250 to the Eldorado Golden Circle and $250 to the Harrisburg Golden Circle.
    Commissioner Robby Price said he intends to have a sample rental housing code he had distributed to council in December on the agenda for possible adoption for the next meeting 5 p.m. Jan. 22.
    Council discussed if they adopt a code for landlords to follow there will be a need for an information meeting to address landlords and answer questions.
    “If they take care of their places there is no problem,” James said.
    “It’s all part of keeping Eldorado neat and clean.”
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