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By Matt Gholson
Jan. 5, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Thanks to Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa I’ve got all I need for next season’s riding. †2 new Continental Grand Prix 23s, tubes, and a KMC X10 chain. †The CAAD 9 will be running like a top with these new parts.
Spent about an hour drawing a new Ten Speed comic this morning using my old tablet, took a moment away from my tablet and while I was gone windows decided to make an emergency reboot to install CRITICAL UPDATES and silly me hadn’t saved his work. †Found out that Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro doesn’t have an autosave. † Maybe I’ll start drawing on paper?
BUYER BEWARE: †I recently bought a new back wheel for my mountain bike from ebay. †It was a super deal, tubless ready and I set it up as such. †It was supposed to be new but it seemed slightly used and the bearings had been adjusted a bit too tight.
Went with Luke to Williams Hill today for hill repeats he took his mountain bike and I took mine with the new wheel and the axle locked up on the first downhill. †With the Axel locked up the locknut sandwiched in my frame began to spin down the axle which put pressure against the skewer eventually causing it to snap. †All this happened in about 3 seconds.
I went home and returned with my road bike and †started the hill repeats. Even though Luke had already done two and was one his mountain bike I couldn’t keep up. †I will say that his mountain bike is only 5 pounds heavier than my road bike.

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