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Butch Dean is a philospher and a poet.
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By Butch Dean
Butch is married and is a retired registered nurse. He graduated from Pontiac Township High School in 1959. Butch has recently discovered writing, then blogging, and is now hooked. His email address is butchdeanil@gmail.com.
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By Butch Dean
Dec. 31, 2012 4:50 a.m.

A New Year is beginning…time for renewal, for changes, for reflection. The traditional list of resolutions will be made…some in ink…some in pencil…and some, a wishful thought. The best of intentions to start the New Year are ready to go.
“I resolve to lose weight. Need to exercise and change my eating habits. I can do this.” This statement is made over and over again by well-meaning, sincere individuals. It was said last year and the year before, but this time it resounds with determination. “No more messing around… I can do this.”
The resolution to diet is probably the one most made and the one most forgotten year after year. For the moment, it sounds like a good idea…no, a great idea, but when the moment passes, it lies in the dust with all good ideas and intentions.
There are many other resolutions, each individually tailored and stated with determination. Some will succeed…many will fail. Each year, resolutions play like a broken record. Most goals are never met, but a sense of defeat and failure is instilled in those who wished to…who knew they could…but really didn’t want to.
Maybe, instead of making New Year resolutions out of tradition, we should resolve not to make them. There would be an instant sense of achievement and success. If there is some goal you want to attain, why wait for the New Year. Why not start when the idea is more than just fulfilling a yearly tradition? Just saying.

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