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  • Little hindrance from second round of snow

  • A second round of ice and snow hit the Harrisburg area on Friday night.
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  • A second round of ice and snow hit the Harrisburg area on Friday night.
    Beginning with light rain at 4 p.m. turning to sleet and freezing rain at 5 p.m. and becoming a prolific though gentle snow at 6 p.m. the snowfall covered the area with 3 to 5 inches of an additional white lacing.
    Lacking the driving north wind, this new snow covered the area with a soft blanket of beauty which enhanced the stark aspect of the blizzard-driven snow which had already bejeweled the area with its magnificence.
    The bleak wind-driven landscape took on an ethereal aspect as the soft, flakey accumulation covered the trees, buildings and landscape while leaving the roadways virtually unobstructed. Travel was unhindered so normal Saturday activity could continue as usual. Much credit must be given to the crews of the road clearing vehicles for the magnificent work that was accomplished after the blizzard in the face of extremely adverse and almost unprecedented conditions.
    This reporter traveled from Carrier Mills to Harrisburg and throughout the city Saturday, with little difficulty. The work of the state, city, county and township road crews is often unappreciated, but without the effort of these unsung heroes no one’s vehicle would move from in front of their residence after heavy snowfalls. The fact that these self-sacrificing individuals keep the roads clear for emergency vehicles cannot be praised highly enough.
    More winter weather is forecast for today through Tuesday morning with 1 to 2 inches of new snow and light accumulations of freezing precipitation and sleet possible. There was a light rain Monday morning in Harrisburg.
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