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Butch Dean is a philospher and a poet.
The "I Me" Drivers
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By Butch Dean
Butch is married and is a retired registered nurse. He graduated from Pontiac Township High School in 1959. Butch has recently discovered writing, then blogging, and is now hooked. His email address is butchdeanil@gmail.com.
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Dec. 5, 2012 5:37 a.m.

Most drivers in small communities are safe and courteous behind the wheel. They exercise common sense in situations that are less than normal. They take pride in their driving habits. These drivers know who they are. My hat is off to you.
Then, there are the “I…Me” drivers. Caring only about themselves, they obey the rules only if they think someone is watching. Otherwise, as far as their concerned, those rules are for others. They drive through your neighborhood at higher than the posted speed with no thought for conditions or your children. Remember, they have to get nowhere fast. It’s all about them.
The “I…Me” drivers need rules, for they display no common sense. They’re in a hurry to go nowhere and are late in getting there. They don’t care who they hurt or disrespect in the process. You guessed it…it’s all about them.
It’s not a stop sign for the “I…Me’s”, it’s a roll thru. They see a yellow light and speed up…throw caution to the wind…they have to get nowhere fast and they are already late. Yep, that’s right…they don’t care who gets in their way…it’s all about them. These drivers know who they are. My hat…well, I think I’ll just keep it on.

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