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  • Budget looks good for Eldorado

  • ELDORADO - The Eldorado school board approved a budget for the school year and received an update on the renovation of the middle school gym during Thursday night’s meeting.
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  • The Eldorado school board approved a budget for the school year and received an update on the renovation of the middle school gym during Thursday night’s meeting.
    Superintendent Gary Siebert said the budget may paint a rosier picture of the cash balance predicted to be on hand by June 30, 2013, that what it may turn out to be with a projected $3,134,999 in the education fund.
    “The balances look pretty good on June 30, 2013, but we have to put it together like we’re going to receive all the money like we should get,” Siebert said.
    He said that undoubtedly will not happen and the budget will have to be amended in the spring.
    “But if we don’t budget it, we can’t spend it,” Siebert said.
    The budget includes $179,495 in the Operations and Maintenance Fund, $154,191 in Debt Services, $18,164 in Transportation, $10,280 in Municipal Retirement/Social Security, none in Capital Projects, $106,277 in Working Cash, $1,361 in Tort and $342 in Fire Prevention and Safety.
    Siebert said the Fire Prevention and Safety account may be shockingly low by then, but that the district has spent money on all the most pressing issues brought to light in health/life safety inspections.
    Siebert said he believes the district will be in better shape this year than some schools, but late property tax bills are a concern. As of Thursday, Saline County property owners had not received their bills.
    “I’ve talked to some superintendents who have said they’re not going to be able to make payroll in November if the tax bills don’t come in. We’re not in that bad a shape,” Siebert said.
    Siebert said he did not include in the budget the 1 percent sales tax for the county that voters passed and that would generate money for property improvement projects for schools or — in Eldorado’s case — allow districts to pay off bonds that funded previous capital improvement projects. That money may start to trickle in by December and projects are it should generate $500,000 a year for Eldorado.
    Middle School Gym
    The good news is staff and board members are bragging on the new paint job in the Middle School Gym. The walls, new ceiling and lighting apparently are sights to behold. The bad news is the gym renovation project will not be completed by basketball season as had been the plan.
    The timeline has been delayed three weeks, architect Ed Kerkhover said, but through no fault of the contractor Schimpf Construction.
    Kerkhover said there were three problems, each of which took a week to fix. One was areas of blocks under windows previously unknown to be leaking.
    Page 2 of 2 - “The paint on the walls was absorbed into the block,” Kerkhover said.
    The fresh coat of paint would not stick to the block, he said. A dry coat of paint simply peeled away from the block. That situation took a week to remedy and the painting of those portions is to be done today.
    The other two problems involved the manufacture and shipping of the fabricated metal ceiling. The factory completed the order a week after the agreed upon time and then said they would delay shipping of the ceiling until they could fill a truck to make a delivery.
    The contractor arranged to have the ceiling delivered a different way to expedite its arrival, but the process involved another week.
    The job was to be complete Oct. 22, but now is expected to be delayed until Nov. 9. Kerkhover said the big job ahead is the sanding, coating and curing of the floor which is a lengthy process to be done right.
    The district has posted the salaries and compensation of all administrators on the school Web site, an action required by a new state law.
    Siebert receives $130,000 base salary with pension contributions of $16,015 and cost of health insurance at $2,937.
    Administrative Assistant Rick Cox receives $36,060 base salary and no compensation.
    Elementary Principal John Fry receives $55,000 base salary, $6,763 in pension contributions, cost of health insurance at $5,153.
    Middle School Principal Chris Morris receives $70,269 base salary, $9,181 in pension contributions, $3,977 in retirement increases, $5,153 in cost of health insurance and $4,400 in other compensation or income.
    High School Principal Ryan Hobbs receives $75,000 base salary and $9,164 in pension contributions, $5,153 in health insurance.
    During the meeting, the board:
    Employed Scott Artman as high school girls assistant basketball coach.
    Approved a raise for Hobbs of $1,500.
    Approved a raise for District Bookkeeper Trudy Etienne of $750.
    Approved a raise of $750 for Executive Secretary Kim Fitzsimmons.
    Accepted the resignation of Marie Davis as head cook at the middle school. She will be moved to full-time cook and Brenda Smith from full-time cook to head cook.
    Voted to bar someone identified as Parent 1-2012 from attending school sponsored sporting events for the remainder of the year for unsportsmanlike conduct.
    n Approved the purchase of a piece of property adjacent to the high school for $27,500. Siebert said the school will likely buy the Dumpsters and the city will tear a house on the property down with the land being used for parking. David Bartok voted no.
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