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By Jessica Shaffer
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June 8, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Probably the most stressful time of day for me is between the hours of 5 PM and 7 PM. You’d think that two measly hours wouldn’t be that bad but let me tell you, it gets crazy... Being that my significant other works evenings, I’m often left alone to patrol the battlefields of dinner time, bath time, and clean up time (in no particular order). So please enjoy what an evening at my house is like.
5:00 - Dinner time! Scrounge through the pantry and freezer looking for something to make. I give up and precede to the internet for a little recipe help. Look at tons of yummy foods when it hits me: I’m never going to eat like an adult again... Hamburger Helper it is.
5:10 - Defrost hamburger meat in microwave and start a sink of dish water. During this time my children have found their way into the bathroom and are attempting to brush their teeth by themselves.
5:15 - Manage to wrangle the kids out of the bathroom with one still screaming for his toothbrush, when I suddenly remember the running dishwater...
5:16 - Mop up dishwater.
5:17 - Yell at kids for playing in puddle of said dishwater.
5:20 - Start supper. Plop meat in heated pan and preheat oven for the rolls.
5:21 - Begin washing the breakfast and lunch dishes.
“Mommy, I’m hungry.”
“I’m cooking supper...It’ll be done in soon.”
“But I don’t want supper! Can I have some cheese?”
“No, we’re gonna eat soon and you already had cheese for snack.”
“BUT I DON’T LIKE MY SNACK!” Crying begins...
5:25 - Break up a potentially dangerous fort making operation going down in my dining room involving a very heavy blanket and a not so sturdy bookshelf. Crying ensues.
5:28 - Forgot about my hamburger meat, but thank goodness my smoke alarm didn’t. Chop up meat.
5:29 - Place rolls in the oven. Since my son doesn’t understand boundaries, my neighbors probably heard me screaming, “GET BACK! GET BACK! IT’S HOT!!” Crying ensues...
5:30 - Preceded following the directions for Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff. Because my son knows I’m cooking, he knows that it’s time to eat. He keeps pawing at my backside wanting food, screaming and crying incessantly. Of course I ignore it like a pro.
5:35 - Finally finished dishes. Now lets do some laundry...
5:36 - Remove clothes from dryer, replace it with towels from washer. My son found the cat food...
5:38 - Sweep up cat food.
5:40 - Played tug of war with baby who ran off with a mop. Crying ensues.
5:44 - Take rolls out of oven.
“Mommy, can I have a roll.”
“Almost. Gotta wait for supper.”
“But I don’t want supper. I want a roll.”
“Well you have to wait till we all sit down for supper.”
“BUT I DON’T LIKE SUPPER!” Crying ensues.
5:50 - Supper is done! Take out colorful decorated kids plates and utensils.
“I don’t want supper. I just want roll!” With the information given I load both plates with corn and Hamburger helper.
5:55 - Sit kids at the table.
“I don’t like ‘Cars’ plate. I want Elmo plate!”
“They’re both the same. Just eat please.”
“But I don’t like Cars! I want Elmo!” She then switches them out herself.
“Both plates had corn, Addison. Sit down and eat!”
“BUT I DON’T LIKE IT!” Crying ensues.
5:56 - Forgot baby’s cup in kitchen. Get up to retrieve it.
5:57 - Forgot my drink in the kitchen. Get up to retrieve it.
5:58 - Forgot to get Addison a stupid #@!$#%& roll. Get up to retrieve it.
5: 59 - Sit down to dinner.
6:04 - Threaten to high heavens that if a certain little girl doesn’t sit and eat her supper she is going to time out. She runs off. I get up to retrieve her.
6:20 - Finished scarfing down dinner. I try to get done before the kids. If not I will be eating dinner with two kids in my lap.
6:21 - Contemplate washing dinner dishes....nah. They’ll be there tomorrow.
6:25 - After putting a few things away and wiping down the counters, I break up yet another potentially dangerous fort making operation going down in my dining room involving a very heavy blanket and a not so sturdy bookshelf. Crying ensues.
6:30 - Bathwater is running, bubbles are entertaining, and threats are flying.
“No splashing or we’re getting out! NO! STOP...THAT’S IT. Let’s wash and get out.” Crying ensues.
6:35 - After some persuasion from the 3 year old, bath time continues. I take this time to tidy up the bathroom.
6:49 - Bath time is over. Kids run gloriously naked around the house as I mop up splashed bathwater.
6:50 - Jammie time! Argue with three year old on why it doesn’t matter if Dora or Tinker Bell jammies are worn to bed. Tinker bell wins.
6:55 - It’s a wrestling match to get my son’s diaper on. At one point I think he’s about to win, but mommy lays down a pile driver and diaper is securely in place. Crying ensues.
7:00 - Contemplate doing dinner dishes again, but then I realize it’s 7 o’ clock and something good is probably on TV. They’ll be there tomorrow
7:01 - Finally get a chance to sit down, when I see the little one scoot a chair up to the kitchen counter. I get up to retrieve him...
7:02 - Read “One Hippo Hops” 30 times in a row....
I guess my point is that if you’re still able to hug your mom, maybe you should do so. I may be alone in the evenings, but I’m not a single parent. To think of mothers out there doing this 100% by themselves, I tip my hat to you, ladies. Our children can drive us crazy so many times throughout the day, but the stressful times are so easily forgotten at eight o'clock when mommy opens up some alcohol when you see your children sleeping peacefully in their bed. If at the end of the day you don’t feel like it was all worth it, then just remind yourself what makes your kids amazing....

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