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New law requires disclosure of pet information

Staff reports
updated: 1/5/2011 4:20 AM

A new law taking effect Jan. 1 requires pet stores, animal shelters and animal controls to disclose new information before selling or adopting out cats and dogs, according to a release from the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Pet stores, animal shelters and animal controls must disclose the following information on or near an animal';s cage:

  • Retail price, including additional charges,

  • Breed, age, date of birth, sex and color of the dog or cat,

  • Details of vaccination and health history,

  • Name, address and identification number of the breeder,

  • Details of any inoculation or medical treatment received while at the facility.

Consumers also must receive a copy of the information at the time of the purchase.

As animal shelters and animal controls often care for strays the agencies are allowed to estimate some information.