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4S Dairy Barn tops ice cream with a little nostalgia

Brian DeNeal
updated: 6/29/2010 11:51 AM

The preferred snack for the family of Doug and Kelly Schimp is ice cream. It is not unusual for 5 gallons of it to be in the house.

Apparently, Eldorado shares the Schimp';s tastes -- at least during the hottest days of June. On June 22 the Schimp';s 4S Dairy Barn opened on State Street and the lines have been stretching to the street.

"It turned out beautifully, just what I wanted, with parents out with their children and grandparents. I want good memories," Kelly Schimp, Eldorado Elementary School teacher and 4S Dairy Barn owner, said.

Schimp said her husband, Doug, had been wanting to open a business so they bought the former car wash on State Street, tore it down in October and built their red barn-shaped building beginning in January.

The business fills a need in Eldorado: A wide variety of ice cream and frozen yogurt styles from the familiar banana split and soda floats to exotic concretes and Mr. Malty, the malted ice cream bar on a stick. Schimp said as of Friday the business had produced and sold 480 Mr. Malties.

Schimp';s goal was also to please Eldoradoans'; nostalgia for downtown businesses like the old walk-up Dairy Queen and the Chicken Coop Drive-In that formerly was at the site of the 4S Dairy Barn. The Web site of the Eldorado Memorial Library at has a photo of the Chicken Coop taken in 1971 by Charles Hammond.

Doug, his father Kenneth "Papa Bud" and the Schimps'; children Nick and Natalie are all among the 12 employees.

The business opens at 11 a.m. and runs to 10 p.m. seven days a week.