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Fill in the Blank Friday: SummerSlam
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Aug. 16, 2013 5:16 p.m.

By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter
SummerSlam 2013 is stacking up to be an exciting event. There are plenty of heated rivalries as we head into the summertime classic. From Damien Sandow battling his former best friend Cody Rhodes, to Kane seeking revenge on Bray Wyatt, to the WWE championship showdown between Daniel Bryan and John Cena, I believe this year's pay per view has the potential to be one of the best.
Because of that, it's the subject of this week's Fill in the Blank Friday. Just comment below and let me know what you think about the following statements.
Photo courtesy: WWE
1. _____________ will walk out of SummerSlam 2013 at the WWE heavyweight champion.
2. In the battle of "The Best" vs. "The Beast", I believe _______________ will be victorious.
3. I stated that I thought SummerSlam 2013 had the potential to be one of the best. Right now that honor goes to SummerSlam __.
4. If the WWE ever came up with a nickname "Mr. SummerSlam" for a Superstar, it would be given to _____________.
Thanks for playing.

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