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Egyptian Health Department: 141 new COVID cases in less than a week

Submitted by the Egyptian Health Department
updated: 12/17/2021 1:20 PM

Between last Friday and Wednesday of this week, the Egyptian Health Department has been notified of 141 new Southeastern Illinois cases of COVID-19.

Of these, 40 cases were reported new on Wednesday, The breakdown:

• Saline County females: One under 5; two under 10; one teen; three in their 20s; one in her 30s; three in their 40s; one in her 60s; one in her 80s and one case where the demographics are unknown. Males: two under 10; two teens; two in their 30s; one in his 60s.

• Gallatin County females: One teen. Males: three teens; one in his 60s; one demographics unknown -- case status in progress.

• White County females: One in her 20s; two in their 30s; two in their 50s; one in her 60s and one case the demographics are unknown. Males: Two teens; one in his 40s and one in his 50s.

To date, Saline County has had a total of 5,031 lab-confirmed positive cases and 74 deaths.

White County has had a total of 3,254 lab-confirmed positives and 33 deaths and Gallatin County has a total of 953 lab-confirmed positives of COVID-19, and 10 deaths. The Illinois Department of Public Health, their health care providers, and the individuals have all been notified and are monitoring the situation.

Public health officials are conducting an investigation of these cases by speaking with individuals who are deemed potential close contacts.

As is protocol, public health officials may place other individuals on home quarantine if they are determined to have had significant exposure. Such individuals may not by symptomatic, but are quarantined for a period of time which allows symptoms to develop and pass, without posing risk to others.

If you are contacted by public health officials, please respond promptly. Close contacts may include individuals:

• Living in the same household as a sick person with COVID-19.

• Caring for a sick person with COVID-19.

• Being within six feet of a sick person with COVID-19 for 15 minutes or longer.

• Being in direct contact with secretions from a sick person with COVID-19 (e.g., being coughed on, kissing, sharing utensils, etc.).