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Paying it forward: Donations being collected for Ida victims

Posted on 9/17/2021, 2:57 AM

MARION -- It's been nearly 40 years since a deadline F-4 tornado ripped through Marion, causing millions of dollars in damage and taking 10 lives.

In the aftermath of that disaster, the residents of Marion found help in the generosity of people from across the country.

Now, the citizens of Marion are paying it forward.

"As a community, we have the opportunity to pay forward the support we received by donating directly to a community recovering from Hurricane Ida," said Marion Mayor Mike Absher.

The City identified a parish of similar size to the greater-Marion area.

That community, St. Charles Parish, LA, has a population of approximately 52,500 with the largest community being Luling with a population of approximately 13,000.

The parish government responded to the request to help immediately, citing that their donation distribution site cannot keep up with the need.

The City of Marion is working directly with St. Charles Parish and their donation distributor, United Way of St. Charles. Both points of contact have repeatedly stated, "I can't believe this. We are so grateful you are doing this."

Donations will be accepted through Sept. 24 and may be dropped off Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center, The Hub Recreation Center, and Black Diamond Harley Davidson.

On Saturday, Sept. 25, the Marion High School football team will gather the donations and load them into a trailer provided by Black Diamond.

Black Diamond Harley Davidson will transport the items directly to St. Charles Parish.

A list of items is posted on the Marion Republican Facebook page.