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COVID-19: Williamson County records 76 new cases in the past 2 days

Posted on 10/30/2020, 2:22 AM

MARION -- The Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department reported 128 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday afternoon, all identified in the previous 48-hour period.

The agency also reported on death on Wednesday afternoon, a female in her 50s who was previously diagnosed with the virus.

Of the positive cases, 76 are from Williamson County and range in age from a toddler to a person in their 80s.

To date there has been a total of 2,026 laboratory confirmed cases of the virus in Williamson County, which has also recorded 62 COVID-19 related deaths.

On Thursday afternoon, the Illinois Department of Public Health announced another 6,464 new cases of the virus and 56 additional deaths.

That brings the state's death toll from COVID-19 to 9,675, with 395,458 Illinoisans who have been infected since the outbreak began.