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Forensic Falcons earn national distinction

SIC Media Services
Posted on 4/27/2017, 5:00 AM

HARRISBURG -- The Southeastern Illinois College Forensic Falcons represented Southern Illinois well this month at the national community college speech tournament, Phi Rho Pi, in Washington, D.C., earning a gold medal in individual events and a silver medal overall.

The team captured seven gold, seven silver, and eight bronze medals in individual competition.  The Falcons competed in the Wyman division, the tournament's largest division.

The team also earned the prestigious Mariner Award, a cumulative honor reflecting sustained excellence at the Phi Rho Pi National Tournament. The Forensic Falcons last earned the Mariner Award in 2003.

"I am thrilled with the performance of this team," noted Paul Cummins, Director of Forensics. "They worked hard, and they realized their potential."

The 2017 national tournament marks the end of the Falcons' 2016-17 season, which also included both a state and regional championship. SIC's Forensic Falcons have a long history of success, placing first in overall national competition in 1986, 1997, and 2005.  A reception was held in their honor at the college on April 25.

Individual results from the tournament are as follows:

Rachael Hooven, Harrisburg-Gold in prose interpretation, gold in dramatic interpretation, silver in persuasive speaking, bronze in speech to entertain, fourth in individual sweepstakes.

Cassidy Maynard, Harrisburg-Gold in communication analysis, silver in prose interpretation, bronze in informative speaking, bronze in duo interpretation (with partner Gabe Motsinger).

Gabe Motsinger, Carrier Mills-Gold in prose interpretation, bronze in duo interpretation (with partner Cassidy Maynard).

Nick Cofield, Carrier Mills-Gold in extemporaneous speaking, gold in impromptu speaking.

Shay Wood, Shawneetown-Gold in impromptu speaking, silver in poetry interpretation.

Shannon Welker, Harrisburg-Silver in extemporaneous speaking, silver in impromptu speaking, bronze in informative speaking.

Haley Rushing, Marion-Silver in prose interpretation

Kaydee Dycus, Mount Vernon-Silver in dramatic interpretation, bronze in speech to entertain.

Carrice McDaniel, Harrisburg-Bronze in persuasive speaking

Chanse Tullis, Springerton-Bronze in dramatic interpretation

Joli Murphy, Springerton-Bronze in prose interpretation

The team also includes Noah Taylor from Eldorado. The Forensic Falcons are coached by Paul Cummins, Dr. Tyler Billman, and Jenny Billman.