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Remember that today is a gift from God

Posted on 5/20/2022, 11:56 AM

I was looking through my files this past week and came to realize that I have been writing this column for the Register and the Daily Republican for one year! I couldn't believe my eyes.

Where has all the time gone?

I am doing a Bible study on Wednesday nights with our church family. I titled it "Today is the Day." The whole concept is based on a simple premise. Today is a gift from God. If you opened your eyes this morning, God delivered to you the gift of today.

God does not owe us today. We did not work for today. God gave us today simply out of His love for us. God also gave us free will as to how we will utilize the gift He has given us. God desires that we spend today glorifying Him, but He does not compel us to do so. In an earlier column, I had mentioned that God has allowed me to be on this Earth for over 60 years. That is over 21,900 gifts of today. He has allowed me to live more than 31,536,000 minutes! How have I spent all of those minutes?

While God does not force us into choosing how to spend our time, He does offer us guidance. There will come a day when we must give an accounting to God about how we used His wonderful gifts. Have we chosen to follow His will or have we chosen to do what we want to do regardless of the guidance He provides?

A person who dies at the age of 60 and never chose to give his life over to Jesus Christ wasted 31,536,000 minutes. I call it a waste because, though he may have been successful by Earthly standards, he flopped based on eternal standards. Every minute that God gives us here on Earth is meant for us to first make the decision to accept salvation based on the death of Jesus Christ and then, once accepting, to live our life in service to Him. Again, it is our choice.

We have to be careful because it is not only God who is watching how we spend our time, but the devil also is quite interested in what we do with what God has given us. If the devil can prevent a person from taking a few of the 31,536,000 minutes out of a 60-yea- old's life to say yes to God's offer of salvation then he has succeeded in increasing Hell's population.

The devil is subtle in how he interferes with our desire to follow God. The devil will never tell us not to do it. He will instead tell us we can do it later. He will tell that wild 21-year-old to go ahead and have all the sinful fun he wants. He goes on to say, "You are young and free. When you are older you can settle down and do all of that God stuff." The devil never, however, reminds that 21-year-old that he may not have the chance to get older. You may be a Christian today.

That is the best news I can hear. Now, God may be calling you to do something in His service. God may have tapped you on the shoulder and said, "Go call someone and offer them encouragement." Often, our response may be, "Sure God. I'll call him later." The problem is the devil makes sure later gets even later. We then forget what we told God we would do, and we lose out on an opportunity that God has given us.

Through the editors of the Register and the Daily Republican, God has given me the opportunity to spread God's Word over the past year. If you are reading the "Preacher Feature" today, I want to thank you for spending a few of your gifted minutes with me. I pray God will give you at least another seven gifts of "today" this week so we can connect once again through these two local newspapers.

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