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Finding the good in every day
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By Molly Logan Anderson
Iím Molly Logan Anderson, author of Grab the Good and seasoned freelance writer. As a happy mom and wife, sometimes I feel like the luckiest woman alive. But, like pretty much everyone I know, I often get pushed the brink of insanity thanks to the reality of every day life. Being blessed with so much while also dealing with the inevitable challenges we all face has resulted in an ultimate goal: to grab the good. Finding the good in every day; in the tiny moments of life that sometimes go unnoticed, keeps us grounded and loving what we have. Itís my hope to help you grab the good, too, through personal insights, heartwarming moments and lots of laughter. The experts will even stop by and weigh in from time to time. While Grab the Good (formerly Butterflies and Mud Pies) is my most cherished personal work and shares lots of snippets from our everyday, youíll also find my national column running weekly through the GateHouse News Service. I write for a myriad of other publications, as well as many commercial clients, delivering research-based journalism, video columns and all types of commercial copywriting. Simply put, I love to write and to talk about topics for which I, or my clients, have a passion. Beyond writing, Iím a foodie , an avid gardener, voracious reader, TV and movie enthusiast, sporadic fitness buff, coffee house music lover and a social media and marketing junkie (with big aspirations on all fronts!) More than anything, itís my daily goal to grab the good in every day and be better, in every way, than I was yesterday. So tune in for good news on everything from good recipes to good family and good style. If itís good, I think we should grab it. And Iíll be writing about it here.

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