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Marion school board approves budget, new hires

updated: 9/26/2017 3:38 PM

MARION -- The Marion Community Unit School District No. 2 Board of Education on Tuesday approved a budget for fiscal year 2018 and handled several personnel matters, including hiring of many new staff.

The budget approval came during the board's regular monthly meeting, following a brief public hearing, during which the budget was presented.

As approved in a 7-0 vote, the budget for July 1, 2017 to June 20, 2018 has total expenses of $45,500,418 and revenues of $44,819,323.

The budget did not yet include any general aid from the state.

"The general state aid will not be known for another two to three months," said Pat Brown, the school district's chief financial officer. He said he expected the level of state funding to not be any less than the district has received in past years, around $100,000 to $200,000.

Following a closed session to discuss litigation and personnel matters, the board reconvened in open session to approve the following new hires:

- Susan Bush, cook, Washington Elementary

- Mira Cochrum, custodian, Marion High School

- Cindy Dalton, custodian, Marion Junior High

- Kathy Molk, part-time custodian, Jefferson Elementary

- Sara Baker, MHS head girls' track coach

- Blake Hampleman, freshman boys' basketball coach

- Kelly Freiboth, assistant volunteer color guard coach

- Chloe Isbell, MJHS Dance Team coach

- Victoria McGuire, MHS volunteer cheer coach

- Andrew Randoll, MHS assistant boys' soccer coach

- Jon Reynolds, MHS assistant volunteer football coach

- Rob Underwood, MHS head boys' soccer coach

The board also accepted the resignations of David Galvin, MHS head boys' soccer coach and Tim Will, MHS athletic assistant, effective immediately.

Furthermore, the board voted 6-1 to approve the retirement of Wendy Goodman, who plans to retire at the end of the 2020-21 school year.