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County Board approves personnel positions

Contributing Writer
Posted on 5/19/2017, 5:00 AM

Personnel matters were addressed during Tuesday's Franklin County Board meeting.

Board members approved the consolidation of two part-time positions at the Animal Control facility to one full-time position.

Board members questioned whether the change would result in additional payroll for the county since the full-time employee will receive benefits.

Animal Control Supervisor Thad Snell said the benefits package amounts to about $20,000, but revenue is on an upward swing at the facility, especially with the recent increase in rabies tags and revenue collected from the city of Benton to provide animal control.

"We made up for that with the increases to the city and the increase to the rabies tags. It's actually a bit more than that. It more than justifies it," Snell said.

"If you take the difference in what we're making this year compared to last year minus the cost we'll actually make about $10,000 more," he added.

Snell said the full-time employee will be doing a lot of computer work and working with other entities.

"The professionalism with Animal Control has gotten better. That part of it I appreciate it. People that we're complaining to me when I first started on this board are saying more positive things about it, so I'm all in favor of doing something to get more animals taken care of," Vice Chairman Steve Leek said.

The position at the Animal Control facility will be advertised before filled, according to Chairman Randall Crocker.

A part-time hire for the circuit clerk's office was also approved. Luke Thompson will fill that position during the summer months, Circuit Clerk Jim Muir reported.

Appointments were made by the chairman. Charles Daniels was re-appointed to the Board of Review, Kim Stubblefield was re-appointed to the Franklin County Housing Authority; and Robert Buntin, Charles Mitroka Jr. and Trey Jackanicz were re-appointed to the farm land committee.

The board tabled the much-anticipated probation resolution at the request of State's Attorney Evan Owens, who is drafting the measure. The resolution disapproves of the state's inability to reimburse the county for probation and detention center services provided.

Crocker said a special meeting will be held next week to approve the resolution and pass the tax anticipation warrant ordinance. He also reported the county has reached a three-year agreement with the sheriff's department union. The bargaining unit approved the contract late last week. The contract calls for 1.5 percent salary increases during the first two years of the contract and a 6 percent increase over the life of the contract. The contract is retroactive to the beginning of the fiscal year Dec. 1, 2016.