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  • 10 Ways to Repurpose Glass Jars

  • Here are 10 easy ways to repurpose glass food jars into beautiful home décor.
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  • Who knew your grocery list could be such a great resource for home décor! Start saving all of your glass jars and jugs, and upcycle them into on of these useful and beautiful items for your home and garden. 1. Apothecary Jars Instantly turn your old food jars into chic bathroom décor by gluing old drawer knobs onto the tops of the lids. Add some decorative labels to create delightfully old-school apothecary jars for storage purposes. 1 Apothecary Jars Apothecary Jars via Two It Yourself on Hometalk 2. Outdoor Lighting Glass jars are a charming lighting feature for patio and decks. All you need are some simple dollar store solar lights. With a little spray paint, your sauce jar solar lights will look artisan and cost next to nothing to create. 2 solar lights Mason Jar Solar Lights via Keep Calm and Decorate on Hometalk 3. Terrarium Jar These adorable terrariums are easy to make and can be customized to match your existing décor theme. Dip them in any color paint, decorate with hand-drawn designs, or even apply metallic detailing with spray paint. Whether you keep them for yourself or give them as hostess or holiday gifts is up to you. 3 planter Mason Jar Terrarium via The Golden Sycamore on Hometalk 4. Soap Dispenser A glass jar soap dispenser is a fun way to dress up the kitchen or bathroom counter! This DIY only takes 30 minutes, and refilling your new dispenser is a breeze! Dishing washing has never looked so good! 4 soap Spaghetti Jar Soap Dispenser via Get Your Paint On on Hometalk 5. Butterfly Feeder With a few decorative touches, these butterfly feeders look lovely swaying from your porch or tree branches. Garden lovers will definitely appreciate new butterfly visitors, and your flowering garden will become more varied and healthy as a result! ??????????????????????????????? Butterfly Feeder via Carolyn’s Homework on Hometalk 6. Mason Jar Lights For just $4 you can give any light fixture in your home a major update with (ironically!) an old glass jar. This DIY is about as simple as they come: you only need a hammer and a nail. 6 lighting Jar Lighting via Two It Yourself on Hometalk 7. Photo Frames Use your old jars to create a unique photo display. For the best visual effect, use all black-and-white or all sepia-toned photographs. Paint a thick back rim around the top or neck of the jar to make your picture gallery even more chic. 7 frames Jar Photo Gallery via Thoughts From Alice on Hometalk 8. Garden Art These bejeweled jars are a fun way to bring some art to your gardening space. Use somewhat see-through stones or marbles to reflect more light when they catch the sun’s rays. 8 garden art Garden Jars via Empress of Dirt on Hometalk 9. Jar Luminaries Painted jars can make enchanting luminaries. Get creative with paint and stickers to get an effect similar to the luminaries pictured here. You can easily create patterns and designs for your candle jars by applying painter’s tape before painting. 9 luminaries Jar Lanterns via Addicted 2 DIY on Hometalk 10. Indoor Herb Garden This easy DIY is a fabulous way to add some interesting décor to your kitchen and enjoy the benefits of fresh herbs and spices! Hang as many of these boards as you please, just make sure the herb garden jars receive ample sunlight so the plants will continue to grow. 10 herb garden 1 Jar Herb Garden via Home Repair Tutor on Hometalk Looking for even more creative DIYs? Check out Hometalk.com for inspiration. This article originally appeared as on Relish
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