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Beating Gophers (Sights & Sounds)
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Cheerleader Flip Love the look on the face of the kid on the left/middle

Funchess Leaps over Michigan bannerWow. Funchess is a walking photo opp.. and it donít stop

Old Cheerleaders gifNo way we can lose if a team of old men do this Ė can they come back for the Bucks?

Goldy and Goldilocks Caption Contest still open. Leaders in the clubhouse: Via Aaron: ďi havent touched a jug in years… can i touch one of yours?Ē, via Hoke A Mania ďTurn your head and squeakĒ

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Mitch McGary - Michigan Stadium Big Mitch

2013 Michigan Alumni Band The portion of the $200M Ross donation slated for the Alumni band uniforms hasnít kicked in yet

Lloyd Carr - Michigan Stadium Coach Carr didnít even try to hit that banner

THC The THC never stops

Taylor Lewan - Little Brown Jug Memo to future captains: donít ever do this again or Iíll find you. (And Iím not talking about the mouthpiece-over-ear although Iím not crazy about that either).

Photo Oct 05, 7 40 03 PM

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