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Old King
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By Gary DeNeal
Gary DeNeal is the editor and publisher since 1985 of Springhouse, a bi-monthly magazine focusing on the history and lore of southeastern Illinois.
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By Gary DeNeal
Oct. 3, 2013 5:19 p.m.

At a social gathering not long ago I mentioned how disconcerting it would be for someone playing around with digital photographs to be confronted all of a sudden by a face, or, even more startling, a message. One of the group found my statement less than compelling in that it smacked of science fiction, in his opinion a genre brimming over with insignificance.
I have yet to be floored by such a “found” image, although one time I did discover a dragon in someone’s photograph of a bucolic stream in the wilds of northern Pope County. Others had not seen the intruder until I showed them. Once alerted, however, viewers could not fail to notice every detail. I must say it was a splendid-looking specimen, as far as photographic dragons go.
Less discernible than the aforementioned dragon, the image here is of an old king, perhaps King Lear himself. If you don’t see him right away, keep
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