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Barry’s Bogus New Tactic
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By Rob Meltzer
Oct. 3, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Having failed to find anyone legitimate who was being inconvenienced by the so-called shut down, the Regime has tried a new approach–trot out supposedly sympathetic federal employees for our pity. Case in point–one Amy Fritz, identified as a 38 year old federal meteorologist, who is in deep trouble because the so-called shut down is going to harm her ability to pay her $100,000 in student loans. Now, her whiny plight has some interesting points, none of which were addressed either by Barry or his loyal minions in the media. First of all, why does the federal government need meteorologists on its staff, in this day and age when weather information is easily available to the private sector. Second, what kind of fool is this woman to rack up $100,000 in education debt and then work for the federal government? And why is her foolishness our emergency? I don’t pay taxes so this fool can get government welfare in the form of a job which does not seem necessary. Indeed, she was redundant enough to be sent home. Leave her there. And what’s becoming equally clear is that the very vast majority of the 800,000 sent home are probably all in the same boat. What we need is have this shut-down go on forever. As both political parties are quickly realizing, there isn’t enough pain out to there to compel any resolution to this, which is great news for the Republicans and a bummer for Barry.

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