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Oh What a Beautiful Morning!
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By Rob Meltzer
Oct. 2, 2013 11:20 a.m.

Day 2 of the shutdown, and its a lovely morning, in which 700,000 federal employees can’t drink from the people’s trough.
Last night, unlike 17 years ago, the “shut down” didn’t even crack the top four news stories on the BBC world service. But when they did finally get around to it, they went to New York City looking for people, other than federal employees, who were actually affected by the shut down and found… no one. When they got desperate to find some impact, they asked people how they felt about the Statue of Liberty being closed, to which two people, who identified themselves as Obama voters, shrugged and said that they didn’t go there, and, besides, why couldn’t the Port Authority, which ran the New York/New Jersey airports, ports and highways, also run the Statue of Liberty. Good question. Indeed, why not.† Shut down? What shut down?
The interesting lesson to come out of this “shut down” is that maybe we have room for some serious budget cuts that had not been previously noticed. What if 700,000 federal employees don’t show up for work and no one cares? Or even notices. What do these people do that can’t be done by locals.
Like the sequester, life goes on.
Keep the shut down going–its fantastic.

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