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Incompetent or Stupid?
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By Rob Meltzer
Sept. 9, 2013 5:06 p.m.

Maybe one of the things we are learning this week is that Kerry is grossly incompetent as Secretary of State–its just not the kind of job you can learn on the fly, and he seems to forget that he speaks for the Administration. Newsflash, John: you aren’t the president. you lost in 2004. move on. It was weird today watching Kerry seem to propose a diplomatic solution in Syria that seemed workable, only to have the Obama Regime yank the carpet out and state that Kerry was speaking “rhetorically.” Like maybe he was talking rhetorically when he said he had evidence of Assad’s conduct that would be admissible in a federal court? Or rhetorically when he said that 1500 people were killed by Assad? Or rhetorically when he deemed himself competent for the job? Being a diplomat means speaking precisely and carefully, not cavalierly and rhetorically.† Whose credibility is on the line here? Kerry or Obama? One thing that has been coming to a boil for the last five years is that the Regime seems to lack a seasoned and calm and rational foreign policy team. Clearly, the Kerry/Rice/Powers/Obama axis is a disaster for American policy. If and when this thing is over, the Regime needs to fire its diplomats and bring in some grownups.

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