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  • Harrisburg Mayor Eric Gregg resigns

  • Standing with his wife, Patti, on the front lawn of his home, Harrisburg Mayor Eric Gregg read his resignation letter 8:30 a.m. Monday.
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  • Standing with his wife, Patti, on the front lawn of his home, Harrisburg Mayor Eric Gregg read his resignation letter 8:30 a.m. Monday.
    Also standing with him was his successor, Harrisburg Finance Commissioner Ron Crank.
    Gregg has been asked to serve on the Illinois Prisoner Review Board by Governor Patrick Quinn. Gregg accepted the appointment and had to resign, rather than hold two government jobs at the same time. The Illinois Senate has yet to affirm the appointment.
    Controversy about whether he could continue as mayor for the interim period since his appointment to the review board has been ongoing.
    Gregg maintains that he was only staying on as mayor until Crank was healthy enough to assume the job of mayor.
    Crank is recovering from cancer treatments and had his last chemotherapy treatment July 3.
    Since the appointment to the prisoner review board Gregg has donated all his mayoral salary to charity.
    "I knew when I accepted the position that I would be stepping down as mayor of this great city. I have stayed on these last few weeks in order for Councilman Ron Crank(who is taking over as mayor) to complete his treatment for cancer in St. Louis. He finished his treatment on July 3, last week. I thought it was the right and honorable thing to do for him, this council and our city. I pray for his continued success in overcoming this illness," said Gregg.
    Gregg gave thanks to the city employees.
    "To the staff of this great city, I am proud of each one of you. You have helped us through some very difficult times in our city on many occasions. You have never let us down. I am thankful for each one of you," he said.
    Within a period of hours of being sworn in as mayor April 28, 2011, Gregg was faced with his first challenge: Historic flooding that impacted the outlying areas of the city. Only a few homes within the city were damaged mostly in the area of the Gaskins City baseball diamond. During the past year and a half the city suffered a horrific tornado that claimed eight lives. Shortly after the tornado the mayor became ill and was hospitalized.
    Crank served as interim mayor until Gregg recovered.
    "To the people of Harrisburg and Southern Illinois: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. All the prayers, phone calls, emails, Facebook comments, letters and face to face encounters you have given me will never be forgotten," said Gregg.
    "I want to thank my family and friends, especially my wife Patti as she has stood with me through the good times and at the bad the past 30 years. She has always been my rock…she believed in me when I said I wanted to be the mayor of Harrisburg and she helped me reach that goal."
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