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Kudos to Reg Henry
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By Rob Meltzer
May 9, 2013 11:21 a.m.

Thank you, Rick, for running Reg Henry’s piece about the increasing idiocy of Americans, as reflected by the notion that people are resisting a place for burial to one of the alleged marathon bombers.
I think Reg Henry wrote his piece about two days too early. Yesterday, after the latest bread and circus murder trial in Arizona resulted in the conviction of a woman for killing her boyfriend, the crowds outside launched into a cheer of “USA, USA, USA.” Can someone explain this in a context which does not reference a rising trend of fascism in this country, which views anything of which any mob approves of in jingoist and nationalistic fervor? The event reminded me that when Jews were massacred in the 30s in Germany, the crowds ran amok chanting in a similar way. Its chilling to see this in our own country. I’m surprised they didn’t just rip down the court house and string up the killer, which was the next logical step. I prefer to think this was just mass idiocy, but mass idiocy becomes increasingly dangerous.

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