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Taking the Easy Way Out
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By Gary DeNeal
Gary DeNeal is the editor and publisher since 1985 of Springhouse, a bi-monthly magazine focusing on the history and lore of southeastern Illinois.
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By Gary DeNeal
April 13, 2013 12:01 a.m.

We look at ancient drawings and carvings and wonder how did those symbols come to be? Did they emerge from dreams, or, were they first seen as fish scales, for example, or designs on snakes, turtles, and terrapins?
Of course, Early Man could have found the origin of his images in the starry heavens, or even in clouds just as the sun rose.
Had I been a prehistoric being arrayed in animal skins and owning a chisel—assuming they even have chisels back then—I would have been tempted to “capture” the design seen here.
Doing it with a camera is easier.
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