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By simplyfaithful
April 8, 2013 12:01 a.m.

IMG_2151I’m a list maker by nature. The problem is that those lists are on napkins, on scraps of paper, on Post-its… and, well, sometimes that meant I lost my notes on prayer requests.
So, clearly I needed one central place to track joys and concerns. But what I also needed was something that would prompt me to think of what I might do besides pray for people.
In what way could I offer friendship? In what way could I be an answer to prayer?
Itook a small Moleskin notebook and started making a standard form.
What was the prayer request?
Did it require a card? A meal? A gift? An old-fashioned telephone call?
I try to take care of written correspondence on Sunday afternoons — birthday cards, pictures to Mama, thank you notes — so I’m adding reviewing this new prayer journal to my routine.
My hope is that I’ll get better at reaching out to people and up to God.

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