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  • Dietitians and healthy bloggers reveal what’s in their fridges and pantries and other nutrition advice in our exclusive National Nutrition Month survey.
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  • Confused by nutrition advice? Don’t know what’s good for you—and what’s not? You’re not the only one. In the constantly evolving world of food, nutrition and health, it’s difficult to figure out what to put on your plate for dinner. To get some clarity on that score, we’ve teamed up with Healthy Aperture to survey more than 200 registered dietitians and healthy bloggers about their own nutrition best practices. In honor of March’s National Nutrition Month, they dished nutrition advice on what’s always in their kitchens, nutrition habits they wish everyone would adopt, and what fad diets they’re so over. Here are the results.
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    Always in the Fridge
    42%: Greens like spinach, kale, arugula and Romaine lettuce
    33%: Eggs or egg whites
    32%: Yogurt (especially Greek)
    28%: Non-dairy milk (especially almond)
    Favorite Pantry Staples
    41%: Legumes—dry or canned beans, chickpeas or lentils
    38%: Pasta on hand (especially whole wheat)
    34%: Quinoa, a protein-packed grain
    30%: Canned tomatoes
    Top Travel Snacks
    43%: Nuts (almonds—raw, salted, roasted or flavored are the top choice)
    40%: Fruits (apples, orange slices and bananas)
    25%: Protein or energy bars
    23%: Veggies (sometimes with hummus)
    Nutrition Advice Everyone Should Follow—Now
    48%: Eat more fruits and veggies
    33%: Increase your water intake
    30%: Cut back or eliminate processed foods
    29%: Enjoy everything in moderation
    Nutrition Fads That Should Fade Away
    26%: No- or low-carb diets
    18%: The Paleo diet
    16%: Low- or no-fat diets
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