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  • Sheriff Brown elected to ILEAS Governing Board

  • At the ILEAS 10th Annual Conference in Springfield on March 3 through March 5 member agencies voted for a new Governing Board.
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  • At the ILEAS 10th Annual Conference in Springfield on March 3 through March 5 member agencies voted for a new Governing Board.
    The 21-member Board consists of elected and appointed positions. The elections are held every two years. Saline County Sheriff Keith Brown was elected to represent Region 11 on the ILEAS Governing Board.
    ILEAS is an alliance of over 900 local and state law enforcement agencies consisting of police, sheriffs, and other Illinois agencies. It was created to meet the needs of law enforcement throughout the State in matters of mutual aid, emergency response and the combining of resources for public safety. ILEAS is a member of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force operating the largest police mutual aid network in the United States.
    In addition to weekly requests for law enforcement mutual aid in Illinois, ILEAS has been responsible for assisting and supporting local law enforcement agencies during deployments of hundreds of officers and deputies to Louisiana for the Hurricane Katrina disaster, New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy and to Chicago for the recent NATO Summit. ILEAS also provided officers from throughout the region to serve during the Feb. 29, 2012, tornado that struck Harrisburg.
    The Governing Board consists of chiefs of police and sheriffs elected by their peers from eight regions of the State.
    Member law enforcement agencies in each region elect one chief of police and one sheriff as regional co-chair representatives to the Governing Board. These 16 chiefs and sheriffs are joined by a representative of the Director of the Illinois State Police, two senior commanders representing the Chicago Police Superintendent and one representative each from the Illinois Sheriff’s Association and the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. From these 21 officials, Board Officers (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, sergeant at arms) are elected.
    Sheriff Brown has been an ILEAS Board member since 2010. At the recent Annual Conference, Sheriff Brown was re-elected to the ILEAS Governing Board by his peers in Region 11. Region 11 covers an area of 16 counties in Southern Illinois ranging from Benton to Cairo. Sheriff Brown will represent Region 11 as a co-chair with Carbondale Police Chief Jody O’Guinn. As a member of the Governing Board, Sheriff Brown will assist the ILEAS leadership team by providing his guidance and experience as well as representing the interests of law enforcement in this part of Illinois.
    “Sheriff Brown’s extensive law enforcement experience will continue to be an asset. His experience managing the February 2012 Harrisburg tornado provides insight and guidance to our staff. We look forward to his continued support,” stated ILEAS Executive Director James Page.
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