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The Keystone question
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By Rick Holmes
March 10, 2013 11:05 a.m.

Sometimes movements make mistakes. The Occupy folks focused too much on occupying and not enough on organizing. During the ’80s, the Left ran off in fruitless pursuit of a “nuclear freeze.” There are plenty of examples on the right, where I expect some tea partiers are rethinking the immigration issue.
In that spirit, I question those environmental leaders who have become fixated on the Keystone XL pipeline in today’s column. Bottom line: By itself, the Keystone pipeline will have zero impact on climate change.† The issue is too important for the people who care most about it to waste their energy fighting symbolic battles.
Put that energy behind a carbon tax. Put it behind supporting an EPA restriction on carbon emissions. Instead of fighting a single pipeline, fight every coal-burning power plant everywhere.

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