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A Great Expience...Be a Chef for a Day
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It was so popular...last year when the Inn&Spa at Cedar Falls offered Innkeeper for an afternoon, they decided to do chef for an afternoon.
It was a great experience so this year the lovely inn created another unique way for travelers to see firsthand what it is like to be in charge of a kitchen in a celebrated country inn.
Chef for a Day was created and the program allows guests to give it a try.
Executive Chef Anthony Schulz leads the program and it is offered most days from 1-5 p.m. by advanced reservations. Your exciting day will take place in the Inn's kitchen.
It includes a private, one on one cooking class. Students will assist chef in preparing the evenings dinner service and will receive specialized training on prearranged topics. Those topics could range from prepping, making dressings and marinades, properly grilling meats or menu design.
Your chef for a day course will include:
  • Four-hour, one-on-one instruction
  • Menu of the Day
  • A copy of one of the Innís cookbooks
  • Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls apron
  • Food tastings
  • Dinner
Schultz said, "It's such a great experience for couples, especially if one cooks and the other does not," said Schulz."The program lets travelers see what it's really like behind the lines and they get to know a chef firsthand.Students learn why chefs do what they do, as well as taking home secret tips and methods they'll never find in a cookbook." Details and reservations and are available by calling 800-653-2557 or online at innatcedarfalls.com.

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