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By Andrew Kuhn
Feb. 18, 2013 5:05 p.m.

A couple of years ago I wrote about how my beer stein had become a bottle warmer.
Those babies are about to be 5, and 3, and so the stein hasn’t been a bottle warmer for some time now. I miss those
days, but I don’t miss being tired all the time, and forgetting my name. Still, I think the stein appreciates being used for what it was intended to be used for, and that is containing beer.†
My favorite beer to put into it is anything from the Berkshire Brewing Company. I buy other bombers, but the BBC beers get the honor of being in the stein. I don’t know why really. They just seem perfect for it.
Maybe its a ritual thing that dates back several years, and I needed a beer glass large enough to hold it, and the stein ended being the one. I don’t really know, but in my world the BBC beers, and my stein make the perfect marriage right before the beer makes the perfect marriage with my aging liver.
Anyone else have a favorite beer mug, or one that can, and does only hold one type of beer?

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