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How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day
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Feb. 4, 2013 12:01 a.m.

How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day written by for BillCutterz Money Saving Blog.
How to Save Money on Valentine's Day
Valentineís Day Ė that one day of the year when itís absolutely unforgivable to ignore your significant other. Even if theyíve told you that they donít want or expect anything, you must know that they do. Everyone wants to feel special on this day.
In fact you donít need to spend much money and look for the perfect gift for days to impress your loved one. There are various ways to make them feel special, loved and cherished. Here is how to save money on Valentine’s Day.

Original Surprise

On Valentineís Day itís best to be original and surprise your loved one with something they arenít expecting. If you live with them, itís even easier to organize a dinner and decorate the house for them. Look for a recipe that you can easily cook and donít forget the desert. Buy flowers and scatter them around the living room or the bedroom Ė this will create the right atmosphere for the celebration.

Do-It-Yourself Present

If you want to be extra original, a handmade gift is the perfect way to show your love and care. Why donít you make a scrapbook with your photos as a couple? Or buy a pretty jar made of glass and fill it with small love coupons. These are quite popular and your loved one will be thrilled. A love coupon can be just a small note with a handwritten text on it. Anything you feel that you could do for your partner, write it down on a list: walks, cinema, cooked dinner, shopping spree, trip, massage, surprise, etc. This is a very thoughtful way to show your partner that you truly love them. They can take one coupon every week or as often as they wish. It will make the rest of the year special and unique Ė full of giving and special occasions.

Organize a Romantic Date

If you donít want to spend Valentineís Day at home, you can organize the best date your loved one has been on. Book a table for two in their favourite restaurant, take them to the cinema, or do something fun together Ė play bowling, pool or go dancing. This is many womenís and menís idea of a perfect Valentineís Day Ė doing things together, having a laugh and enjoying the evening, outside of home. Whatís best than giving the gift of time together, fun and activities? No other present can feel as special as spending the day together and doing all the things you both love.
There is a lot of pressure about Valentineís Day and the expectations are high. However, you donít have to break the bank to have a brilliant and memorable celebration with your significant other.
Nicole is a passionate writer with various interesting ideas on how to make your home† a better place for you and your beloved people. Enjoy also her tips on Balham house removals and eco-friendly living.
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